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Interested in joining Free Range?   This is how it works .  .  .


  • We don’t audition, but we expect you to be able to sing in tune, hold a part, listen and blend with others, and do some learning of your part outside rehearsals

  • We limit recruitment in order to maintain a good balance of all the parts, so vacancies vary depending on what part you sing

  • Our repertoire is mainly secular and includes a wide variety of styles (popular, choral, world music etc), as well as original compositions and arrangements written for the choir


  • Reading music is not essential - we do use written music a lot for learning, but also provide learning tapes to use at home


  • We normally perform at least once a term, so you need to be willing to commit time for this as well as the weekly rehearsals

  • As we are a performing choir, a commitment to regular attendance is important. Attending the last two rehearsals before a performance is particularly important.

  • When you miss rehearsals, the onus is on you to find out what you’ve missed from someone else in your part and brush up on it




We mostly perform without scores and so aim to memorise the words and music through rehearsal

We are always looking to improve our vocal technique and presentation for performance, you should be interested in working on this in rehearsals and in occasional extra workshops with guest leaders


To help achieve a good performance standard, we like to use rehearsal time for polishing pieces and improving our sound, rather than learning notes, so we expect members to be willing to spend time learning notes at home - learning tapes are provided


We are keen to improve the diversity of the choir


Fees are currently £50 per term. These cover leaders fees, room hire, scores and other miscellaneous expenses. Where a sufficiently clear case is made, the termly fee may be reduced or waived.  Have a chat with Stephen (our Treasurer) or Frances.

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