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From Kippax to Cuba - the long way round

Free Range with Special Guests  Mestisa and Maggi Stratford


Free Range


The Miners’ Trilogy:   Deep Down   Phoenix from the Ashes   5th March Return


Senzenina (in Xhosa & Zulu)    "What have we done? Our crime is being black"


Umkhonto we Sizwe  (Spear of the Nation) 




Cobarde                        Barbara Kempf


Cancion con todos        Mercedes Sosa


Pajarillo verde               Venezuelan




Maggi Stratford


La Maison Bleue     Maxime Le Forestier, 1972


L'éclusier                Jacques Brel, 1968


Avec Ma Solitude   Georges Moustaki, 1967


Amsterdam             Jacques Brel, 1964



Free Range


Rousay Lullaby      Dandling song from Orkney   Arranged:  Katy Lavinia Cooper


Plovi Barka            A Croatian folk song from the Dalmatian coast.


Demons et Merveilles      Music: Maurice Thiriet     Words: Jacques Prévert


Ergen Deda           A traditional Bulgarian folk song


Dulce Embeleso   Music:  Miguel Matamoros   Arranged:  Electo Silva


Ya Basta               Music:  Val Regan   Words: Antonio Machado


Free Range




From Kippax to Cuba

-  the long way round


with Special Guests




Maggi Stratford

Other Performances

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