Useful Links

How a Choir Works - Gareth Malone and the BBC Singers.

Phil Wilcox Workshop for Free Range     February 2017       NEW

        Physical and vocal warm-ups

        Sally Gardens

        Guantanamera / first section

        Guantanamera / continued


        Clave Rhythm + Maria Cristina  

        Maria Cristina /continued

        Viva la Musica / EVENING

       Guanatanamera (reprise)

Sally McLean Workshop for Free Range.  - March 2015

         Rose Red warm up

         You Can Sing Higher warm up

         Developing Wild Mountainside

         Wild Mountainside - Finished Version

         Developing Fade away

         Fade Away - Finished Version

         Platforms - Wild Mountainside

         Sweetest Kick

         Posture, Breathing, Vowels

Sally McLean Workshop for Free Range.    October 2013  


The King's Singers educational videos       

Youtube Links



Wild Moutain Side         Trashcan Sinatras        


                                       Eddi Reader                









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