Free Range Members


Frances Bernstein       Musical Director and Choir Leader    

Stephen Boothroyd     Treasurer                                               

David Astin                   Concerts / Website / General Support 

SOPRANOS                                          ALTOS                                      TENORS                                           BASSES

Anita Collins

Catherine Livesley                              Alison Hulme                          Jennie Appleyard                           David Astin

Helen King                                         Ann Waddington                    Roger Harington                           Geoff Driver

Jill Philp                                             Catherine Bates                                                        

Joanna Leser                                    Cathy Kiserman                     Steve Boothroyd                             Kit Heyam

Kate Saul                                           Chris Dowse                          Tom Rhodes                                  Mike Galvin

Mary Dailey                                       Chris Johnson                                                                             Simon Watt

Rachael Duffy                                     Jane Sellers

Sarah  Ducker                                   Ros Clarke

                                                          Stephanie Plog

                                                          Tricia Kyte           



Free Range Privacy Policy  [ in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation ]

Free Range records details of members email addresses and telephone numbers.  This data is used solely for the purposes of running the choir, for example, notifying members of rehearsal information etc, social events and collecting termly fees.

The data is kept on file in the form of an electronic data base and shared with Frances Bernstein, Stephen Boothroyd and David Astin.  The data held by the choir is not used for commercial purposes or handed on to third parties.